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Pink Sofa Network provides you with the only lesbian* dating service created specifically for lesbians, giving your business a powerful new revenue stream, and your website members, a convenient, easy way to meet others.

We are the lesbian dating specialists and have over 5 years experience providing customer service to the lesbian market. We understand its diversity and uniqueness and customize our service to fit.

Unique Benefits

Unlike other dating service providers, we only focus on one market, the lesbian market. This means ALL our efforts and our resources go into creating the world’s best lesbian dating service - for our clients and members.

Our database of lesbian members is one of the largest in the world and growing rapidly, testament to our complete focus and customer satisfaction. Unlike other dating service providers, we don’t just take on any client. The Pink Sofa Network is ONLY open to organizations with a track record of providing lesbians with a quality service.

Service Benefits

Our technology is quickly integrated into your site, and designed to fit your branding and colors. We make sure we get the smallest details just right so it looks great. There are no setup fees or upfront costs because we understand the value of your brand and our relationship with you.

We provide all of the hosting, the ongoing management, development and customer service required so you can focus on your business and don’t have to worry about anything. Our service to you includes a state of the art reporting system and a marketing manual so you can market your new dating service the best way possible to your customers.

Service Features

Our dating service is customized in every way for lesbians, including the graphics, the text, even the options a member can choose. Our dating members and our clients regularly tell us how much they appreciate our understanding of their market.

Our service has many great features including photo profiles, instant messenger, featured local profiles, numerous search options, and friends and favorites. We constantly develop our dating technology to make it fresh and interesting for members.

Our customer service is provided by members of the lesbian community. We know how important it is to our customers to feel comfortable.


We want this to work for your business, so give you a substantial commission percentage which we increase as turnover targets are reached. Our dating clients receive a higher percentage of member subscriptions than the industry average, some achieving more than a 30% conversion of new members to subscribers.

Commissions are calculated daily and paid into your bank account in the first week of each month.


When there are so many dating services catering for every market possible, isn’t it refreshing to find a dating service provider totally committed to your target market and in providing them with the best service possible.

Your brand strength and customer loyalty combined with our excellent service will ensure you receive a healthy commission from your online dating site each month.

* Lesbian refers to the community of women who love women in all its forms.

Liz James